Research Article (some of these double as applied projects)

  • Use my paper on revitalizing rural communities and retaining youth that I will be presenting in Oct. This will cover finance, economics, and computer science.
  • Do research of various companies and model their financials. This would cover finance and economics
  • Do in depth research on a single company and determine whether someone should invest in it. This would cover finance and economics.
  • Create a research article on pharmacology, drug interaction, and drug development. This would cover nursing, chemistry, and mathematics.
  • Create a research article on the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of a drug a company is creating and determine whether it will be successful or not. This would cover nursing, chemistry, and finance.

Applied Project (some of these double research articles)

  • Create a video series showing someone with no experience in finance or investing how to invest and model company’s financials. A lot of people are not familiar with how to invest and want to learn how to. I could post it on Youtube for free or a website like Udemy which offers courses at discounted prices, or both.
  • Create and application in R that does everything or part of what is mentioned above. Instead of teaching it creates something that can do it for them. This could be very useful and worth money if offered at a discounted price. It would be very challenging an I’m unsure if it’s something I could really do in one semester. I started doing this during the summer and realized I needed more computer science experience
  • Create a universe of understanding drugs, their chemistry, mechanism of action, generics…ect in excel that I and others can use to invest in biotech and pharma companies. I’ve already started to do part of this in my own time.
  • Create a website that provides someone with the important information behind the drugs that companies are making and give a person easier access to said information.
  • Create a combination of a website and application that will allow the average person to invest with diversification and remain factor neutral. Apply quantitative investing strategies and offer free opensource financial models. Eventually this could take all of the parts mentioned above and put them all onto this website/application/software.


  • Kate Burgess

    Wow! To a lay-person like me who knows nothing about pharmacokinetics or quantitative investing strategies, I certainly could benefit from a project idea like creating a website that provides someone with important information behind the drugs that companies are making….or your opinions on a company and whether or not someone should invest. I guess your decision is whether or not you’ll be marketing this info for people who already have a level of knowledge about the topic, or whether they’re noobs, like me. Either way – it sounds like you really know what you’re talking about!

  • Robin DeRosa

    I also read your email about the videos, and feel quite confident that you are on the right track with both the RA and the AP, and I am glad you are thinking of splitting the videos into slightly smaller chunks, which I think will still allow you the depth you want while making them more versatile. If you post on YouTube with a cc license, I could imagine finance and BU and econ profs perhaps using them for courses as well… very exciting stuff.

    You are such a self-starter and I am happy to see you move past the planning into the execution, since I think you know well what your interests are and what your expertise could contribute to the field. Kate’s comment above is helpful for both the RA and AP: think about your audience and design intentionally.

    I’ll be excited to see this start to come together! Keep me posted, especially on what you finally decide on the RA….

  • Kat Holmes

    This is such a great list of research ideas. From a personal standpoint, as someone in health and medicine field, I think drug interaction and development would give a lot of in depth knowledge to people opposite fields. It covers such a wide range of disciplines that this idea could be the most challenging to narrow down, but would be very useful if you could. As for the AP, I am very excited to see what you choose. All seem very tech savy (which I am not), so I don’t know if I could give you any educational feedback for these. Videos however are always fun, and they tend to be more broad spectrum audience than say a website. That is my slice of feedback for you.

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