Finals Week

This past week I’ve been very focused on my coursework, for the most part I have finished all of my finals. My two grad courses have also just concluded. This week I will be entirely focused on my final project and research article. Outside of that I have done a lot of searching for jobs and networking.

In the past 4 years I’ve come to realizeĀ  that the job you get really does come from who you know. Especially in my case when I am graduating from a school that some might consider very average or even below average when it comes to academics. I have no problem with that though, it doesn’t discourage me, and makes it that much better when I do get a job. Networking in your field really is key even if you barely know someone it helps to reach out to them if they have a career in your field. So I’ve done that, to get anywhere in life you have to be willing to put yourself in uncomfortable situations.

I’ve reached out to mutual friends who work for banks in the Boston area. They then sometimes introduce me to some of their friends working in the industry. I even asked people I’ve never met before in my financial analysis class to connect on linkedin and ask what they do. Obviously I’ve reached out to all family as well which takes awhile but it has been helpful. I’m optimistic I’ll get a good job in finance related soon after I graduate. There’s is couple of fintech companies I’ll be meeting with in the next couple months, as well as an energy company, and 2 financial institutions. Entirely due to reaching out to everyone and anyone I know or in some cases don’t even know. I learned my lesson last summer cold applying to jobs. Applying to a couple places where someone you know works at is far better than applying to 100 places you don’t


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