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How to Invest

Anyone in the world can learn how to invest like the best out there with the right information and the desire to learn. My applied project will be a multi part series that looks to teach anyone whether they are familiar with the field of finance or not how to invest. Beginning with an introduction to basic terms and concepts. With the goal of showing any individual with the desire to learn how to effectively invest in stocks while also giving them an understanding of bonds, futures, options, foreign exchanges, and real estate. Personally, I have been able to learn a lot on my own and one of my favorite resources to use is YouTube. I have noticed that no series or compilation of videos has looked to do what I want to do. I think there is a market for a series like this and I think it can generate some views if I do an excellent job creating it. I think it will have a positive impact on the finance community or anyone trying to enter the finance community. This should be able to attract more people into entering the world of investing. I want to go into depth on the important parts that are required for someone to be a successful investor while still exposing the viewer to some of the newest and most exciting ways to invest today. Which will involve exposing them to disciplines such as philosophy, economics, medicine, data science, statistics, mathematics, chemistry, and computer science. All of which will be opensource and anything that is not I will recreate my own version to be opensource. Which will mostly include excel spreadsheets which have probably cost me hundreds of dollars and hours throughout my college career. However, I don’t see why these are not already openly available and easily accessible so I plan on making my own that will be openly available. I plan on posting all the videos I make on my eport as well as the excel sheets I make to go along with the videos. I also plan on posting some type of description to go along with the videos and whatever material I used with them on my eport. I will use OneDrive to share my excel spreadsheets with whoever might be interested in downloading them. Ultimately, I believe there is a lack of financial literacy today and I think the topic is easy enough for anyone to grasp and that the tools needed are openly available today. I hope at some point in my life I can play a pivotal role in providing financial literacy to others.


  • try to create 1 video/content needed for a video every week
  • video 1 posted by 10/14 How to invest (stocks/intro)
  • video 2 posted by 10/28 How to invest (the greater market/economics/hedging risk)
  • video 3 posted by 11/11 How to invest (financial modeling)
  • video 4 posted by 11/25 How to invest (portfolio theory/Markowitz/fama french)
  • video 5 posted by 12/9 How to invest (real estate)
  • video 6 posted by 12/23 How to invest (quant strategies/mean reversion/options/bonds)

1 week to create content for video, 1 week to make and post video

If I find I can do this faster I will post even more videos. I think this is an okay timeline to work off and a doable one.

beginning of AXON model




RA Prospectus

Bringing Financial Literacy to the World

There is a lack of financial literacy today where there shouldn’t be, we have the tools to provide just about anyone with the ability to invest smart yet most people do not. My research article will look to give an in depth understanding of the process it takes to make investment decisions. I will do a deep dive into multiple pharmaceutical companies and analyze their businesses and products that they offer. Using the information I gather I will conclude whether this company is undervalued, fairly valued, or overvalued. This topic is important because not many people know how to analyze a company properly and how to really make an investment decision, even though it is something easy that anyone can learn. I hope someone younger than I am can see some of the work I do and start understanding the things I understand today at a much younger age because they will have a lot of success in their life. I think this research will do a number of things, it will show the average person how finance is intertwined and important in everything in today. It will also show that finance is an easy topic to grasp and that many people with degrees not in finance could benefit from learning it outside their degree work. Again I am a strong believer that there is a lack of financial literacy today and I want to do whatever I can to stop that.



  • Kate Burgess

    I LOVE your idea for your project. I am totally an example of the type of person who could (and will) benefit from your work. Can’t wait to see how this shapes up!

  • Robin DeRosa

    These both sound great, and I feel confident that the work you produce will be top notch. That being said (and please just delete this comment), we need to leave extra time at the end of your RA to make sure you get editing help for your writing. You are a clear and strong writer, but there are grammatical errors throughout (nothing major, but certainly a lot of fragments, for example), and we don’t want that to diminish the final work that you produce here. So leave extra time for any written portions so you can see me, Janina, and/or a Writing Center staffer so we can make sure to polish up the prose.

    I also want to make sure we get some good mentors from your field to give input on this work. You know I will do my best, and I think these will both be useful for me– and somewhat targeted at my demographic actually– but you need some people who are at your own level to evaluate your work as well…

    Good luck, and go ahead and get rolling!

  • Kayleigh Bennett

    I love the idea for your applied project. We’re a generation of DIY’ers who would much rather take the time and figure out how to do something ourselves than to pay someone to do it for us. It seems like you found a great niche for these videos, or lack of, that could have demand if there’s nothing else like them already. I’ll be one of your first subscribers trying to learn the best ways to invest! Good luck!

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