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My personal learning network has been able to help me grow as an individual. It’s always good to have a constant flow of information in which I can read. I often times find myself reading a lot of Zerohedge posts, keeping up with Elon Musk, and reading all sorts of computational finance from Quantopian. Twitter is a great resource but

my PLN has also started to shift outside of it on other social platforms such as Github¬†which is more focused on sharing codes. I’ve talked with multiple users on their codes and projects they’ve completed. To the left you notice a conversation Robin started thanks to sharing my final project. I don’t have the largest PLN following, I use two twitters, but one is a twitter i’ve had since high school that is not very professional. I consider my newest twitter a more professional one and will probably only being using that one after I graduate. Due to this I don’t always have the most interactions with my tweets but this spurred some and will hopefully introduce me to some very useful people that can help me complete my final project.


Here are just some of the rants I go on in my PLN as that is what most of my twitter PLN is. Me sharing ideas, personal beliefs, and just what I’m doing in general. I’m sure at some point I will have a larger following that will care about some of this stuff if I keep tweeting. Until then I have no problem going on rants and being able to see them again for myself. I think bitcoin was an interesting topic I talked about, because literally everyone has talked about it these past couple months. Yet no one knows anything about it, including me for the most part. I went to one lecture on it by a PSU professor who as of today is now a millionaire because of it, but I need to read more on it to truly understand it and I plan on doing it. That professor has become part of my PLN as well because I have been reaching out to him after the lecture. The wide assumption right now is that bitcoin and other digital currencies are in a bubble, this assumption is made by everyone that doesn’t currently own bitcoin. Bitcoin and digital currencies will change the world, they are worth trillions, and the prices of these will continue to rise. Bitcoin has no correlation to that of the market and people are starting to recognize this. It’s returns does not have a normal distribution and that makes doing analysis of it incredibly hard.¬†

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