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Two books I picked up and have been reading as much as I can are “Introduction to R for Quantitative Finance” and “Mastering R for Quantitative Finance“. Both go into depth on programming pretty complex financial models which you can’t really find else where for many programming languages. Much of what these cover is only somewhat openly known and available in excel. Much of the algo/AI/Deep learning understanding of finance and computer programming is kind of a mystery that you have to work at the right bank, quant fund, or hedge fund to know about.

These books provide some of that information that would regularly go pretty unknown. One topic I am just getting acquainted with is neural networks in programming. Which is a really interesting topic I’m not that familiar with even though I’ve done a course and some reading on AI and deep learning before. These neural networks are inspired by biological neural networks. It is supposed to keep collecting and collecting data and progressively improve performance on whatever task it is supposed to do…Such as guessing a stock price. Except it’s not exactly guessing the price but making the most informed estimate possible with all the information it has. So maybe just above guessing the stock price. It’s a really interesting topic though and I can’t wait to start coding some of my own neural networks. Once I finish these two books I believe I will have reached a point where I can move on to another programming language such as python.




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  • Robin DeRosa

    Love the idea of neural networks and applying that to programming, and to prediction in the stock market– how cool. Sounds like a merger between biomimicry and complexity theory maybe…which is a lot of what interests me in the idea of networked learning… I’d like to hear more here, but the glimpse of the idea is pretty thought-provoking!

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