Searching for Data, mastering R, and understanding Binary Events

I’ve done a couple pretty deep dives into some topics this week. I’m also realizing it may be time to make the switch from doing financial modeling in R vs Excel. I’m just trying to figure out the right code that will allow me to pretty much create a function to create the financial models  I and many others make. I’ve been almost entirely focused on programming since this semester started and even considered making something for my AP at first but was skeptical of whether I’d really be able to do it. I’m starting to think some important parts of what I hope to one day make I now can in R.

First thing I want to talk about is Marketline Advantage which in my opinion is kinda crap but still claims to have a number of users. The Bloomberg Terminal will always be the best resource for financial information, but at an extremely pricey cost. Plenty of companies are trying or in the works or trying to be disruptors to their market share. Mostly by offering a similar product at a lower price, I’ve yet to really see good ones. Marketline is still kinda pricey for pretty bad reports. They should hire me to do their reports because I could make a better report in an hour than their current company profile. I looked at AXON a stock that had a recent binary even that Martin Shkreli did a series on and the company profile is pretty much useless. However i did notice that I could easily recreate a company profile like the one Marketline has in R at no cost and make it much better then theirs. So that is what I am going to start doing.

On the topic of binary events I read Martin Shkreli’s paper on why to short VTL when he did. I don’t know if there is anything like some of the topics Shkreli shares with the public that are available anywhere else. His philosophy to investing and especially binary events is something I have never seen before. He is right though using the thought process he uses you can be pretty certain statistically that an event will happen. Another reason why I think there is a huge demand and need for a place with a large amount of detailed financial information for free. As well as the ability to share our own ideas about topics in finance. I had never seen Marketline before I was told to use it for a project by my financial analysis teacher last week. I was extremely surprised with the website/software/what ever you wanna call it.

Recently I’ve been searching for R packages that are connected to large databases of chemical structures. If you were to create a company profile of a biotech company and post a picture of their products chemical structures, biosimilars, and other classes of that drug. Than someone with a degree or advanced understanding of chemistry could probably give you a better answer on whether that product will work or not than some wall street analyst. Then again hedge funds and investment banks are hiring people with advanced degrees in medicine and chemistry for a reason…that exact one. What’s that opinion though to the opinion of 10 chemist though, or what about 100, or 1000? In finance there is this idea that all things that can be known are known hence the efficient market hypothesis. For me or any other average person or even a small investment fund is that really true? As time goes on yes, but always probably not. It’s like if I were to start doing high frequency algorithmic trading. Would it be possible for me to keep up with a $1 million super computer that a hedge fund uses with my 5 year old $1 thousand dell. No, it think that even has to bring in some legality questions.

When I first started filming for the investment series there was one thing I couldn’t find anywhere for free. That being a stock screener, yet you can make one pretty easily in R, Python, C…etc. If I took a week and just focused on making a screener I’m sure it could be done at no cost at all. If I look on github I’m sure I could even find a code that has all of that for free. I don’t understand why no software or website has a free version of it. So I’m going to start trying to make a stock screener as well in R.

I remember I started learning about big data my freshmen year, this truly is the time of big data. You just have to make sense of all of it and compile it in an understandable way. If you can use to to describe something rather complex to an uniformed audience and have them understand it than I think there is a lot of value behind that. Maybe not even always monetary value, but social value, and value in learning, and advancing our understanding of topics.


  • Robin DeRosa

    Great post, and great final paragraph there about how your education intersects with this very key time for the development of Big Data as a thing or field…

    Can you say more about this: “Another reason why I think there is a huge demand and need for a place with a large amount of detailed financial information for free. ”

    I am trying to understand it, and it intrigues me, but I need a bit more context to fully get what you are driving towards here.

  • SV

    The cadences of your sentences are varied and smooth, making this engaging to read. Your voice shows very well in your writing and it is clear you know what you are talking about. It’s also clear you’re excited about this!

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