Summarizing Political Finance

My IDS majors general focus is to provide me with the knowledge and information necessary to get a job at a large bank, hedgefund, or tech company. Now being done with my IDS major I know there are some things I would go back and change to make it better, but am still much happier with my IDS major than any of the ones PSU or URI had to offer. My IDS major gave me information of financial markets, instruments, and complex analysis of these. It allowed me to better understand government, law, and the economic impacts of these. It also brought me into some other fields such as computer science with a financial modeling course entirely focused on using R. The main focus of my IDS major is to make me ready and capable to work and to be able to answer challenging problems. My IDS major has done just that for me. My applied project was focused on starting to bring to life an idea I have had for a long time about giving a better understanding of finance to the world. I decided to do it because I want to make a difference in the world and with my skill set I think the way I can do this is by doing something finance related. I originally had a different idea with a similar focus, but chose trying to code this project as I knew it was something I would focus on after I graduate. I think this brings together much of what I’ve learned here at PSU both in and outside of school. Not only that but it laid out the framework for future work I plan on doing. In my opinion this was the most useful project I’ve gotten to do in my time as a student. My research article and applied project were both closely intertwined. I chose the topic because I’ve only seen one other person go in depth the way I did on the topic. Probably for good reason as it’s hard to really read all of my research article and understand exactly what’s going on, it would probably be better in video format. I think this played a similar role in not only summarizing what I have learned here at PSU but also putting that knowledge to work and applying it. This is some of the same analysis that would be done at an investment bank or hedge fund before an investment.

My IDS major has allowed me to enter into areas I never thought I would be able to enter. It’s opened my mind to new ideas that the constraints of having a traditional major would not have. Transferring to PSU and getting involved with this program was the smartest decision I’ve made probably in my life. It’s important to be continuously learning in life. Once I leave here I will still be learning new things every day, taking online classes, reading various materials, and applying all of it on real world examples. There is a reason people get advanced degrees and credentials after they graduate. Much of which is because mastering a complex subject in only 4 years is hard. I don’t think my IDS major, applied project, or research article has made me a master at any of the things I’ve studied. However it’s laid the foundation in a much better fashion than any traditional major would’ve. It’s shown me the important topics I need to remain focused on once I graduate and it’s spurred ideas I will continue to pursue long after I graduate.






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